Step 3: Locate pairing button connection underneath cup holders and coin tray.

Purpose: Connect pairing button.

Tools Needed: None.

As I mentioned in the previous step I did not have to remove my entire center console which most others (including the BMW instructions) will tell you to do. This made my install much, much easier and with no risk of damage to my gear shift base or center console. The three main reasons I did not have to remove my center console are: 1. I did not use the Bluetooth antenna mounting bracket, 2. I did not cut a hole in my center console for the pairing button, and 3. I found the pairing button connection (illustrated in picture 1 below) easily underneath the cup holders.

  • The first picture below shows the center console with the cup holders and coin tray removed. As you can see the black sheathing (#1) that contains the pairing button connection was immediately visible.

  • Using gentle force wiggle the black sheathing out from underneath the center console as shown in picture 2. You can see in picture 1 & 2 that I removed the parking brake boot from the center console.  This is very easy to do and it allowed me to stick my fingers underneath the center console through the parking break area. This made for easy manipulation of the black sheathing containing the pairing button connection.

  • Unwrapping the black sheathing you'll find two connectors. The pairing button connector (#3) and another purple FAKRA connector (#2) as seen in picture 3. I believe this other purple FAKRA connector has to do with the "wired" phone connection installation and is not needed for Bluetooth.

  • As seen in picture 4 below, connect the pairing button (#4) to the 18 pin pairing button connector (#3). You can't just push them together to connect them. There is a lever on the pairing button connector that needs to be rotated 90 degrees, then insert the pairing button, and finally rotate the lever back to it's original position to lock the connection in place.

  • Using the black sheathing re-wrap the unused purple FAKRA connector and the pairing button connector as seen in picture 5 below.

  • Neatly tuck everything into the center console as shown in picture 6. You are technically done with the center console part of the installation. Do not re-install the cup holders or coin tray yet. You will need to pair your phone with the Bluetooth system using the pairing button at the end of this installation.



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