Step 2: Locate Bluetooth antenna connection at rear ashtray assembly.

Purpose: Connect Bluetooth antenna.

Tools Needed: None.

  • In the first picture below you can see the parts that I found at the rear ashtray assembly. The Purple connector, sometimes called FAKRA connector (#1), a connection for a "wired" installation (#2), the ashtray light (#3) and the black sheathing (#4).

  • The Purple FAKRA connector (#1) and the "wired" connection (#2), were both wrapped up in the black sheathing (#4). The black sheathing with connections was found underneath the ashtray housing.

  • In the 2nd picture below you can see how the Purple FAKRA (#1) connects to the Bluetooth antenna (#5).

In the 3rd picture you can start to see how my installation differs from others I have seen online. I did not have to remove my entire center console which most others will instruct you to do. This made my install much easier and with much less risk of damage to my gear shift base and center console. I'll address this further in step 3.

  • In the 3rd & 4th pictures you can see how I neatly tucked the Bluetooth antenna inside the center console on the passenger side. If you follow the official instructions you would need to use the Bluetooth antenna mounting bracket (which I didn't receive with my kit) and you also must remove the entire center console. Doing it the way I've shown below saves a lot of time and hassle and works just fine. There is absolutely no difference in reception quality!

  • You should use the black sheathing (#4) and re-wrap the "wired" connection (#2) which is not used in the Bluetooth installation. Tuck the wrapped "wired" connection out of the way. You could re-install the entire ashtray assembly at this point since you are done with this area. I suggest waiting on re-installing anything until the entire Bluetooth installation is complete and tested.



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