Step 1: Remove the rear ashtray assembly, the coin tray and cup holders.

Purpose: Locate Bluetooth antenna connection & pairing button connection.

Tools Needed: Phillips-head screwdriver.

This step is very easy and described in detail below. The image below shows all the parts to be removed and each is labeled. The very first thing you should do is disconnect the negative terminal of your vehicle's battery.

  • Pull down the ridged cover on the ashtray (#3) all the way until the black inner part (#2) pops up. Remove black inner part.

  • You should see two phillips-head screws on the bottom of the ashtray (#3) that need to be completely loosened.  These screws are attached to the ashtray and should be loosened but not taken out. Once the two screws are loosened all the way the ashtray (#3) can be pulled out.

  • In order to completely remove the ashtray, the small ashtray light needs to be pulled out the side slot. With some finessing you can push the entire light out. To make it easier, try disconnecting the light from the wiring harness. This will allow the wiring harness to easily pass-through the opening.

  • Now you should see another two phillips-head screws (#5) on the bottom of the ashtray housing (#4). These should be unscrewed and removed. Once removed the ashtray housing can be lifted up and snapped out. Be gentle here; the housing snaps out fairly easily if done correctly.

  • Remove the cup-holders (#1) and coin tray (#6) by squeezing in at the sides and lifting up. There is no need to use any tools for this. Be patient, these pieces can be removed fairly easily when done correctly. Locate the ridges on the side of the cup-holders, this is where you should be squeezing.


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