Welcome! Ready To Install Your Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit? Here are some Do-It-Yourself Instructions.


I've successfully installed the Bluetooth hands-free kit in my 2004 BMW 330CI convertible that I purchased with BMW Assist. All the local dealers in my area said that they wouldn't or couldn't install the Bluetooth kit since it was "incompatible with my car". None of the BMW dealerships I contacted were willing to go beyond reading the computer screen in front of them for help; and showed little knowledge of the Bluetooth hands-free system in general.


As it turns out, not only does the Bluetooth kit work perfectly in my car, it was very easy to install. For more general information on the Bluetooth kit for BMW vehicles, please click here.


I purchased my Bluetooth kit from www.bimmernav.com and would highly recommend them! Martin at bimmernav was extremely helpful and answered any and all of my questions. He even did some remote diagnostic work with the information I gave him to help me complete my installation!


The following pictorial instructions were completed on my 2004 BMW 330CI convertible with BMW Assist. Your vehicle may differ depending on the year and model. If you have a convertible these instructions will absolutely help! If you have a convertible and Assist you should be able to complete the installation in about 2-3 hours with these instructions. To continue with the instructions please click on the link below labeled "Continue to Step 1".

Disclaimer: These instructions are meant to be used as a supplement to the Official BMW Bluetooth instructions that come with your hands-free kit. Any damage you may do to yourself or your vehicle during installation is your own fault and I shall not be held responsible. BMW and Bluetooth names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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